If you want wedding flowers that are fresh, in some areas of the US, you can plan on $ spending 20,000 or more. Wedding flowers are one of the biggest parts of any wedding budget, so saving money on them should be a top priority for any bride and groom. If you are thinking that you could just go with high-quality silk flowers-think again-silk wedding flowers can cost as much as fresh flowers. So, what alternatives do you have? How can you have fresh flowers at your wedding without a huge cost? There are ways, but they take planning and a good florist.

Choosing your wedding flowers should coincide with choosing your wedding date. Many flowers are seasonal. If you want a certain type of flower, you should choose to be married at the time when it is in season. It can save 50 percent or more on the cost of that particular type of flower. Once you know what wedding flowers you want, you will also be able to coordinate the rest of the decorations as well. Keep in mind that February, although a very romantic month, is one of the most expensive times to buy fresh flowers. Make sure that your florist knows about any flowers that you hate, or that you are allergic to before they start planning arrangements. One great flower is the carnation, because although it may be plain to look at, it comes in nearly every color and it is seasonable year round for wedding flowers. Just put it in the background and it will not be noticed except for the color.

You can possibly save money on your flowers by getting married in December or around Easter, if you are a Christian because the church may already be decorated for the holiday with fresh flowers.

Or, you can choose to get married in a garden or park where there are flowers already as part of nature or the landscaping. This is another way to save money on the flowers for your wedding.

So, there are ways to save money on your flowers if you get creative and plan ahead.

Source by Eriani Doyel