Whatever you do, make sure you have flowers at your wedding. They add color and smell very nice. Flowers can enhance and adorn any wedding and it is best to include them at the planning stage and to budget for them accordingly. They should be equally considered with all of the other aspects of your wedding and not simply as an add-on. But, what type do you choose?

You basically have two options on what flower to use during your wedding. You can opt for fresh flowers or you can go for artificial ones. You can also choose to have a combination of the two. For instance, you can have a bridal bouquet of fresh calla lilies and artificial flower centerpieces in your reception.

Though nothing could beat the beauty and appeal of fresh flowers, there are instances when you may consider using artificial flowers instead. The cost of fresh flowers can be prohibitive. If you are short on budget, you should not hesitate in getting artificial flowers. There are such flowers that look quite real. Artificial flowers can also come at the exact shade of your motif. Moreover, artificial flowers will not wilt on you and you can take them home after the occasion and use them to decorate your living room.

Before you decide, ask around. Ask a fresh flower vendor how much your desired wedding flowers would cost. Ask an artificial flower-maker about how much it will cost to make such flowers, too. If you need to cut some costs or if you want fewer wedding flower headaches, then go with the artificial flowers

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