There are two main options when choosing flowers to use during your wedding. There are fresh flowers or artificial ones (the latter are usually fabric in type). You can even have a combination of the two. In this way you could select a bridal bouquet of fresh calla lilies and then choose artificial flower centerpieces for your reception.

Fresh flowers are always the best – they smell nice and look great. Everyone is impressed by the look and smell of fresh flowers but they come at a price – they are expensive and do not last very long. There are instances, however, when you may consider using artificial flowers instead. If you are short on budget, you should not hesitate in getting artificial flowers. Some artificial flowers look magnificent and can adorn any room. Additionally, they look real, can come in different colors and shades and will not wilt away. You can take them home or give them away as gifts after the wedding celebrations.

Ask people for advice – your relatives, friends and the flower vendors themselves. Call them and ask what the cost is, how they would deliver their service and who would be able to advise on flower selection.

Fresh flowers can be difficult to find during certain seasons – at least, the ones that you particularly want may not be available. With fabric flowers you should be able to select virtually any design at any time of the year. It would be best to investigate those people that make fabric flowers in your area. Then you can call them to discuss requirements for the day and any costings and timescales you have. They will be pleased to help in preparation for your forthcoming celebrations.

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