I have been the owner of a high volume flower shop specializing in weddings for thirty years and oh how I have seen wedding floral trends change! Today brides have so much more information available to help with selecting wedding flowers than ever before. There are magazines and books of wedding bouquets and floral decorations sold at book stores and supermarkets everywhere. These are a great resource to start with. Flip through these to get ideas of the look and feel you would like for your special day. Countless web sites are out there for those busy brides that only have time to view them later at night or on a lunch break.

These are great for e-mailing pictures to your wedding professionals, friends and family. It is so helpful to have some ideas of color and style preference before meeting with a floral professional. Do not be discouraged if this is a little overwhelming for you, a good, experienced wedding florist can help you with suggestions if you come up blank. Be sure your floral professional is excited about and helpful with your wedding, if not select someone else!

For bouquets, brides today are selecting the round, packed, hand tied look more than ever. It is a very versatile design that looks great with most dress styles and is adaptable for most flower types. These have been extremely popular for the last few seasons and seem to be staying at number one longer than just about anything I have ever seen. The long flowing cascade bouquet does seem to be very slowly coming back into popularity.

An experienced florist will be able to give you advise on bouquet styles to compliment your dress choices. This season is rapidly becoming the wedding season of rich color. Warm shades of orange, red and brown are very popular even in spring this year. Blue continues to be a close second in color choice of dresses as well as flowers. Flower choices have broadened to go with these colors. Roses are available in color choices like never before, rich oranges, dark burgundy, deep green and dark pinks to name just a few. Calla lilies continue to be extremely popular and available in new colors to go with almost anything. Tropical flowers like heliconias, orchids and birds of paradise are being chosen by many brides having outdoor ceremonies and receptions. Remember to choose styles and colors that reflect your personality and the overall look you are after and you just may be setting the floral trends for next season!

Source by Mark Clark