Well, when you hold a marriage day, you must prepare for all of the things, right. Start with a wedding dress, hall or auditorium, invitation card and the most important aspect is a flower! Talk about flowers for wedding day guys, no matter what kind of flower, the concept of the marriage day is traditional or in a modern way, flower plays important key. Is not only because of the beautiful shape of the flower or the flowers have a fragrant smell. Present some flower wedding centerpieces will make your wedding decoration even more beautiful, lovely and elegant. Now, we will give you some tips how to make flower wedding. Enjoy it

How to select beautiful wedding flower centerpieces

You people, especially women, must be confused about what kind of flower you have to choose on your wedding day right. Particularly, there are thousands even billions of types of the flower! Now, you do not have to worry anymore. Here, we will give you many effective tips, to decorate your flower wedding centerpieces.

  1. Choose your beautiful flowers

Since you guys remember that there are millions of flowers, you could choose some beautiful flower in line with your flavor. For example, the best combination for you to combine is the smell of the rose, the beauty of tulip and the charm that come from by Asiatic lily; it would give you lovely impression. If you could not find one of all of the flowers, you can change it with the other flower such as dahlia, aster, hydrangea. It will be an excellent idea! For the last but not least of this point is, you do not have to combine the flower. Pick a lot of one type of flower, for example, roses centerpieces or Columbine centerpieces. One type of flower will give you romantic impression

  1. Choose excellent color

If you have a lot of flower with a lot of colors, then combine it! For example red roses, white hydrangea, and violet. Just pick your favorite color and combine it, and it your flower centerpieces will be gorgeous. Also, you just want to pick one color; it is not a big problem. It is an excellent idea indeed. Pick the most you favorite color, add some foliage, string the stem and you could put it in the vase!

  1. Take vase for the flowers

You must be confused right, what kind of vase of flower you should take? Now, you do not have to confuse anymore. You could take some place made of glasses or plastic. Pick some color in line with the decoration on your hall. just to make your flower more beautiful, take some transparent an omental container and match it with the size of your flower you had picked before.

  1. Make some handcraft

If you need something new, you can take make some flower by your own. You do not have to worry the flower handicraft would be difficult. The way to make flower handcraft is straightforward. You just need some paper, scissors, glue, and some stem. Then, made some model of flowers like roses, dahlia, sunflower or any flowers you like. After that, unite it with the stem and put it into the vase. That’s it! Is it quite easy right?

  1. Fitting the flower

Fitting the flower is important that you have to do. Do you think a great rose with the steam could combine with sunflower without the stem? The answer is no, right? Well, you have to notice the size of the flower too. The good size with excellent garnish will make your flower wedding centerpieces charmer and antique.

  1. Choose a strategic location

You do not want to put your large flower and vase on the small table right? Or, in the other case, you put it on the long table, but you only have a little flower. Well, then fix it. You must find the combination of the proper size of flower and vase with the right locations. For example, you want to make the line up the flower along to the wall; then you must find some taller vase and flower so that the guests could see, how beautiful your decoration is. Or if you want to give the romantic impression, put some transparent glass with dark flower, mixed color or any color, and put it on the dining table for your guest!

Well, all the tips are the best tips we could give to you. You do not have to be confused again right about the wedding flower. Now, all you have to do is pick your flavor flower, put it in the vase or bouquet, and set it on the table. What a fabulous flower wedding centerpieces decorations you have on your wedding day! Then, all those good tips, we provide for you is not the random idea. We think as hard as we can, so you will have a great wedding with beautiful flower wedding decorations!