If you're planning to have elaborate flower arrangements in your wedding, you need not spend a fortune. Not only will they look decorative, but will add a touch of elegance to your big day and will express your personality as well.

You could have a simple round bouquet either for yourself or for your bridesmaid. To choose your wedding flowers, take a sample of your wedding dress along to match the flowers with. Your attendants' dresses should be well coordinated and blend with your dress and you should choose light shades of pink for them while you wear traditional white.

For your main flowers, choose roses, rosebuds, carnations, and lilies and buy them in bulk. If you have extra flowers, use them in corsages, boutonnieres, and your throw bouquet. Greenery such as ivy and filler flowers like lily of the valley are ideal and will serve as a background to your main flowers. Make your bouquet with bouquet holders, a bouquet stand, flowers, greens, scissors, floral tape and wire, wire cutters, and trimmings.

Choose from these bouquet styles including a drop shower, which has a wide trail with the flowers flowing out from a posy top set on wires; a teardrop arrangement that has a wide trail with a posy top held together by a central wire; a shower that has a posy top that flows down to end in a long trail of flowers, attached to a central wire; a trailing, which is a delicate bouquet but without a posy top that is just right for bridesmaids; a formal posy that comes in a rounded shape with greens, lace or net as distinctive trimmings; or an informal posy that need not be strictly round in shape.

Your and your bridesmaids' bouquets should be color coordinated to give the event a warm and harmonious look.

Source by Ken Marlborough