One of the most memorable moment in a bride and groom life is their wedding day. Everything around you will feel great and if you want to add the special touch then the perfect thing to do is to make your own wedding flowers. Making your own wedding floral arrangements allows you to open your imagination and show your personality for who you really are. For a wedding bouquet you can either use real or silk flowers. If you are intending to keep your bouquet then it is better to have silk flowers as they last longer. Handmade silk bridal bouquets if stored properly can be given to the next generation.

The color of your wedding floral arrangements does not have to be the same as the wedding color themes. The color should describe your personality. If you are a very bold and an upbeat person then you could choose bright colors for your wedding bouquet. If you are a quiet and serene person then you could choose colors which are gentle and soothing.

The choice of flowers is very important as they display your style. If you have a big budget and planning to make a big wedding bouquet then you should use real flowers which are more appealing to the senses. Silk is less expensive and is quicker to arrange. For example use deep red roses to convey your romantic feelings to your loved one.

Before starting on your wedding floral arrangements it is best to do a bit of research to make sure your design is perfect. You could go through flower arranging books, wedding magazines and look at sites on the internet for possible flower arranging courses. You could even visit a florist for more ideas. There are many popular designs for example, cascading bouquets, round bouquets, bridal bouquets with a monogram.

Finally when you start this project on creating your own wedding floral arrangements and wedding bouquets you will find that it is very easy and relaxing to work on. This will take your mind away from the hustle and bustle of organizing a wedding. You can even invite your bride maids, family and friends to give you a hand. This will give you the opportunity to discuss the forthcoming events and that will settle the nerves for the big day.

Source by Louisa Dunham