Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Just because you're not super slim does not mean you can not have the perfect wedding dress.

Very few women have the body of a supermodel. Few of us even are a perfect size. We all have some areas that do not fit the into the 'perfect' ideal. You can still look as wonderful in the same gorgeous gowns as slimmer women.


Forget sizes and measurements, they are just labels. Remember the Duchess of York on her wedding day?

She looked fabulous-

because her dress fitted not because she had lost a heap of weight.

If you choose the right wedding dress and silhouette you can look fabulous no matter what size you are.

Perhaps a strapless gown to show off creamy shoulders, or if you are curvy a Mermaid style wedding dress.

Draw the eye to your most striking features .

* Low necklines and bare shoulders if you have a good bust, (an added bonus being that it will make your face appear longer and slimmer).

* Wearing your hair up will show off a smooth neck.

* If you have a lovely complexion focus on your face and choose a simpler gown maybe with an empire waist, as it's the most flattering to a woman's silhouette.

Empire line wedding dresses are a good choice for most women as the style elongates the body, drawing attention to the bust-line and making you look slimmer and taller.

Pay attention to the type of fabric you use. A stiff fabric in some styles may not flatter you but in a simple fitted style can be very slimming.

Regardless of the dress style you choose for your wedding dress, the following tips in mind will help ensure you have the most beautiful shape possible:

Buy a dress that fits.

* This ensures the dress will fall correctly and will not pull and crease, and accentuate the "not-so-perfect" areas. See our How to take Your Wedding Dress Measurements article for a fool proof way to take your vital statistics correctly.

* Wear appropriate lingerie. Who wants a panty line in the wedding photos!

* Make sure your bra is the correct size. Free fitting is available at many department stores.

* Long line bras and Body Shapers help trim your silhouette.

* Less is sometimes more. Do not overdo the lace and ruffles.

* A simple shape is the best for a streamlined silhouette. A line, Empire style and Column style all have a slimming effect.

* A full Ball gown style will emphasise a small waist and hide broad hips – this style will also balance out a small bust if you emphasise the bodice with brocade or lace.

* Be aware of the horizontal design features. Where the waist line sits, the hem length, does a short sleeve finish at the bust line? Never have a horizontal feature at your widest part … for instance

* Do not have a dropped waistline if you have broad hips,

* Do not have the hemline at the widest part of your calf -go shorter or longer for a slimming effect.

* Colour is also very important. Dark colours can be more slimming than pastels or bright colours, but is just as important to wear a colour that suits you. It may be worth having a personal colour chart done for even if you never use it again.

Source by Wanda Arnold