As buying wedding dresses is usually such a one-time thing in life, most of brides are not experts in it. However, from the point of view of a person who makes wedding dresses, it become very easy. Here are some points I would like to share with all brides.

At first, how heavy is it? If a dress comes very thin and light, you should keep your eyes open. As we know, wedding dresses are not day wear. They are sophisticated with many layers of fabric. For example, the bodice should contain surface fabric, lining and two interlining. Moreover, If there is embroidery, one more interlining is needed to ensure flat and good looking. The other reason why we should choose relatively heavy ones is because usually thick satin fabric is applied in order to obtain an elegant and dignified look.

Secondly, at least 8 or 10 fish bones are needed in the bodice to maintain good shape. If the buyer has large size, much more fish bones are needed or the gown will just collapse. Properly every three centimeter there should be a fish bone. Sewing fish bones in the fabric is a little hard work. Some cheaply made gowns have very few of them.

Thirdly, does the gown have horse hair interlining? The horse hair interlining is sewed at the train hemline between surface fabric and lining. This is to enhance the train hemline in a proper shape when brides walks around. You will not definitely want it missing.

Fourthly, how about the beading? What kind of beading is good? How do we tell from its look? Stay away from Acrylic beads, which is dull, light and cheap. The best beads for bridal gowns are made in Japan, which is considered the top quality. Its shininess and maintain in color is outstanding.

Source by Leah Ouyang