Now that you're planning your wedding, one of the first things you're going to need to consider is your wedding dress budget and how to stay within that budget. Fortunately, being able to get wedding dresses on a budget is possible. With a little legwork and careful planning, you can find something that will suit your needs.

The first thing you need to do is determine exactly what size you will need to purchase. While most follow the standard dress sizes, sometimes they can differ a little because the fabrics used can be a little less forgiving than those used in regular clothing. To help you get a better idea of ​​how these differences may affect you, go to one of the big, commercial bridal shops, like David's Bridal and try on several gowns. You are under no obligations to buy from them, but this will give you a better idea of ​​what size you are looking for. Once you have a firmer idea of ​​sizing, you're ready to start shopping.

One place you can look for your dress is to check out local thrift shops. Although they can be hard to find, they DO show up, many times in prices under $ 100. Another place to check out is any dry cleaners in town. These places often have sales to sell off wedding dresses that are considered to be "abandoned property." If someone drops off a dress to be cleaned and boxed for storage, the dry cleaner has the right to sell the dress for whatever they can get if the dress is not picked up and / or paid for in a set amount of time. Yet another source is vintage clothing or a consignment clothes shop. Although the styles may not be the latest and newest, these styles do change less than other fashions, and you should be able to find something which will still be suitable.

If you know someone who can sew, it is also possible to find patterns for wedding dresses offered by many commercial pattern companies at your favorite fabric store. If you can work out a deal where the actual construction of the dress is considered as that person's wedding gift, you will only be out the cost of the material and notions for the dress. Other possibilities include dresses that are offered for sale in the classified ads or dresses that are offered for sale at deep discounts by the national commercial bridal shops. One national chain offers semi-regular dress sales starting at $ 99. One word of caution should be considered before buying a used dress. Check them carefully to make sure they do not have stains or rips before purchase. This is even true from the national chains. Once the dresses are in your possession, they are yours, flaws and all.

Lastly, if you're going to have a themed wedding, like a medieval wedding, for example, you may find it possible to get your wedding dress on a budget because you may be able to rent something appropriate from a costume rental company, rather than having to purchase it. Or you could wear something appropriate that you already own, like a wetsuit, or other garb or costume that has to do with the wedding's theme.

To your beautiful wedding!

Source by Bobbie Hamilton