Do you have something to believe in? Everyone has dreams and aspirations for their lives and their weddings. The wedding dress too should make a great statement about your views of the world. Who needs a normal bland wedding dress when there are so many other choices and styles out there in the world? There are so many cultures and traditions that have a different sort of marriages, and the wedding gown is an extraordinary means to translate your culture and style to all your wedding guests. Be unique. A bride should vivid and lively in their wedding gown. Show your own cultural style.

There are many types of wedding dresses and wedding attire from all over the world. In China the Chinese brides use a colorful gown tied just below the breast line and with long flaring sleeves called the cheongsam when they get married. This wedding dress is not white but a vivid red during the ceremony for good luck. In India the guests and the bride wear colorful saris as wedding attire. In the Philippines the groom wears a barong tagalog, a silk or woven semi-transparent overlay with wonderful embroidery over an undershirt. The bride may wear a traditional white wedding gown or a version of their national garb, the Maria Clara style of wedding dress in white with large puffed sleeves and embroidered front and hem. Even England has its own wedding style with the long white wedding dress for the woman and tops and tails or formal wedding suits for the men. In Scandinavian countries a wedding crown is worn instead of a wedding veil with the wedding dress. Even in Africa the colorful Dashiki is worn as formal wedding attire. In Japan the traditional Kimono is used as a wedding gown for a colorful, formal bride as the picture of loveliness. Anywhere you travel the wedding traditions make way for some wonderfully unique wedding wear.

Whether the bride's traditions are used or the grooms they have one thing in common, togetherness. A wedding is the time and place where people witness a joining together of a man and wife as part of a new family. The wedding gown is part of that great tradition and it should be preserved. The new bride's culture should be honored as well as the family traditions during the wedding. Every bride and groom has a certain way to communicate their unique culture and style to their guests. The wedding gown is a very important part of that statement to the world, the statement that a man and wife are being joined and will start a life together. Whether it is a flowing ball-gown type of wedding dress or a traditional cultural statement like a sari or a cheongsam, a wedding is a special time for all people. Look back at your culture and style when choosing your wedding gown, it make serve as a great inspiration for your marriage ceremony and your life. Whether it is a traditional English suit of clothes or a taste of a foreign shore, a wedding brings together a man, a woman, and their friends to celebrate something special.

Source by Ahmad Wali