Of all the decisions a bride will make when planning her wedding, choosing the right style and design in a wedding dress is the one that causes brides the most stress, self-doubt and confusion. A wedding dress is a large investment that most brides have dreamed of for a long time; a decision no bride wants to take the chance of getting wrong.

So what do you need to look for in a wedding dress? The first paramount factor revolves around your body shape. Understanding your body shape will make shopping for your wedding dress so much easier and more enjoyable. Not only will you know what to look for but also be aware of shapes and styles that are not suitable.

So what are the body shapes and which one are you?

If you have a curvaceous figure similar to that of an hourglass, you should look for styles that draw attention to your waist and show off your sexy curves. A-line or princess style wedding dresses, as well as ball gown styles will accentuate the appropriate areas of your body. Hourglass-shaped brides should avoid loose styles such as empire wedding dresses that will create an un-proportioned look.

If you are broad shouldered and narrow across the hips, you have what is called an inverted triangle shape. You should stay away from bridal gowns with excessive detail or decoration on the shoulder line. Instead go for styles that soften and draw the eye away from your shoulders.

If you have a pear or triangle shape body, you are generally smaller at the top and fuller at the bottom. For obvious reasons you want your wedding dress to minimize your hips so a flared or full skirt will disguise your hips and flatter the bottom half of your body. A pear-shaped bride should stay away from sheath gowns that are straight up and down as they will only make your bottom half seem more pronounced.

If your shoulders are as wide as your hips with little waist definition, you would be a rectangle-shaped bride. Your wedding dress should create the illusion of curves and suggest a more defined waistline. It is for this reason that cross over bodices with a dropped waistline will look amazing on you. It is best to steer away from huge ball gown style wedding dresses that will only cause you to look lost in amongst all the material.

If you have the appearance of a fuller figure with a rounded midriff and little or no waist definition, then you would most likely fit into the oval body shape category. For an oval-shaped bride, an A-line wedding dress will lengthen your body and make your waist seem smaller and in proportion. An empire dress in soft flowing material will camouflage your waist and hips but be careful that the top of your wedding dress is not to fitted as a tighter bust line will make your appear larger all over.

At the end of the day, the most important consideration is that your wedding dress fits you and that it complements your body shape.

Source by Paula Majstorovic