Uncovering wedding dresses that fit to your own personal shape and height can be a real mission. Find out which style suits which body types.

In fact, in most instances it is exactly the opposite, with the gown being one thing in particular that is made to look custom even when it's not.

All women have different body types so it's very important to research the styles available so that you maximize your assets and cover up any flaws.

The first area to take a closer look at is the upper body, and the way that designers have tried to compensate for certain figures while remaining true to the flourish and fanfare that make wedding gowns so precious and unique.

A bridal gown without straps is perfect for the bride that has toned arms and a small upper body frame.

Unfortunately for ladies with larger chests this option focuses far too much on that area, and it would be a good idea to go for a dress with a slight sleeve or thicker strap.

The same is true for the spaghetti strap, as it holds just about the same visual balance as the strapless.

An off shoulder or over the shoulder is a pleasant choice for most figures and as such is the most versatile look.

Another area to consider with regards to the wedding dress is the neckline.

If you have a mid size or larger upper bodies then a sweetheart or scoop neck would be wonderful.

A straight v-neck should be avoided if the chest area is substantial due to the fact that the eye will be drawn straight to point of the v and it will disrupt the overall balance of the look and feel.

A dress that comes straight across is a spectacular option for those women who are more petite as it will give rise to styles that are reminiscent of the romance of the renaissance, or at the other end of the spectrum a cutting edge modern vibe depending upon the remainder of the dress.

Next you need to think about the waistline.

An empire waist dress is one that fans out at the bottom but is more fitted under your chest.

It is an extremely attractive look that can be worn by a multitude of body types and will hide a protruding tummy or larger hips due to the flair that conceals most of the body from the eye.

A corset waist is exactly as it sounds with the form fitting piece running from under the arms and ending at the hip area.

This is obviously a perfect choice for brides that have a slender midriff, or any female that has a difficult time with the lower part of her body, as the focus is on the point in the middle of the waist which allows for an hour glass appearance and speaks of old Hollywood glamour.

A drop waist is becoming more and more popular due to the fact that the waistline is positioned just a little below the actual waist and will give the impression of a much longer torso which elongates and makes for a more slender feel.

Lastly you need to consider the lower half of the bridal gown.

One of the styles that is prominent but can not be worn by many women due to the revealing nature of the design is called the mermaid.

This dress completely hugs the body and can be very unforgiving on a heavier frame as the only area it does not fit like a glove is from the knees down.

Then there is the traditional lower option that gently cascades from the waist and only fans out slightly as it hits the floor.

This is a style that appeals to many women because it is very friendly to many different body types and hides most of the female flaws that lurk in the hips, and thighs.

A ballroom style is one in which the lower half is extremely built up and again is something that only the more slender figure can pull off successfully. Wedding dresses are meant to make the brides everywhere feel luxurious and beautiful. With that said, not every dress will be perfect for every body type and as such will need to be explored in order to find the one that truly accomplishes the goal.

In order for your fantasy to become a reality the key is knowing which types of wedding dresses to turn to depending on the places that need to be hidden.

Source by Sarah James