In the past, many brides opted in for traditional wedding ball gowns in basic white. Brides that deviated from the traditional white to a cream or ivory gown were considered quite the risk takers! These days, brides are approaching wedding gown shopping with a “what is trendy” and “what style do I prefer” approach and are feeling better than ever about their final choice of wedding gown.

Here are the top 7 most unique wedding gown styles:

1. One Shoulder Gowns

Strapless wedding gowns are pretty popular, but seldom do you see a single-strapped wedding dress. If you want to be sexy but a tad shy in trying out a strapless gown, then pick this style. It is subtly sexy yet makes for a stunning looking bride.

2. Flounced Halter Neckline

Halter wedding gowns can make any body type look great but no doubt this style is quite standard. If standing out is your aim on your wedding day, then a flounced halter type of gown is for you. Be the center of attention by wearing this style since this neckline definitely complements the gown’s open-back.

3. Short Hemlines

Relive the 1930’s and 40’s with this chic wedding gown style. The perfect length is between the bottom of the knee and three inches above your ankle. This style will be perfect if it is made with a soft, flowing fabric, such as chiffon.

4. Embellished Belts

This accessory can really make a gown stand out and add a unique twist to any wedding dress. Adding an embellished belt is this year’s hottest trend and has been featured on runaways all over the world. Pair off a classic white wedding gown with a beautifully embellished belt. It is simple yet makes a strong statement.

5. Above-the-knee Hemlines

Show off beautiful legs with a hemline at least two inches above the knee. This style is the complete opposite of the long traditional ball gown and is for a bride that is committed to pushing the limits with a choice of gown. This style will work great for tall or petite brides.

6. Cotton Lace Overlay

Be cool and chic in a cotton lace overlay. Instead of wearing an overlay made of silk, satin or tulle, use a cotton lace for texture. This type of texture will be stylish, flattering and extremely comfortable.

7. Ultra-Slim Gown

Unlike slim gowns which flare outward around the legs, this style practically clings to the legs giving the illusion of wearing pants as you stroll down the aisle.

Source by Nadia Digilov