As a bride one of the most important decisions you make will be what dress to wear on the big day. All eyes will be locked upon you as you walk down the aisle and for most of the rest of the day. It is important that you get this decision correct and choose an item that suits you. The first place to start is by choosing your gown silhouette. This article looks at the more common options available.

The A-line cut is narrow at the top of the dress. It will tend to fit snugly with your rib cage and the stretch down your body in the shape of the letter A. Basically it is triangular. It tends to be the most prevalent choice among brides today especially as it is inclined to fit a range of female body shapes.

Another option is the ball gown silhouette. A dress that takes this shape will usually have a fitted bodice and a very broad skirt. At the waist area it will often fit with your natural figure. It is perhaps the most feminine style and is often chosen for smaller women who want to accentuate their curves.

The empire dress is generally has a much smaller bodice and a very high waist. This shape is most suitable for women who would like to tuck their waist away, but not particularly suitable for ladies with a large chest or wide hips.

A sheath gown will fit tightly to your body. This style of attire is really designed for slimmer ladies as opposed to those with a fuller figure. It tends to be popular among shorter brides who want to add the illusion of an extra few inches as it can in fact make you look taller.

Finally a design with a variation on the sheath style is the mermaid silhouette. This tends to have more of a taper to it as you go down from the hips. At the region of the hips it fits snugly to your body shape while further down, below your knees it will flare out slightly.

Source by Amanda Jane