Brides want to look perfect and gorgeous on their wedding day as their appearance is one of the most important things. Although the most common color for a wedding dress is white, there are major debates surrounding whether a bridal gown has to be white or not. But in today's society there is no dogma that says wedding gowns have to be white. Why do so many brides choose to wear a white bridal gown?

It's been quite a few years since wearing white was part of a traditional wedding ceremony. The white wedding gown had never been a requirement before. Today, many brides wear white because this is how they've been taught. They believe that since brides traditionally wear a white dress, they will have to wear one, too.

It is a tradition that some brides follow to wear only the standard white dress for their weddings. They are convinced that the only true wedding gown must be a white colored dress. You can apply some rationale into the reasoning. According to tradition, wearing a white bridal gown expressed the true inner being of womanhood. Some brides do so just for the sole purpose of continuing their family tradition.

In the same manner in which brides know exactly what they want, there are brides who opt to wear a wedding gown in a color besides white.

There's a certain reason why white wedding dresses have become so widespread in weddings. It's not a surprise to discover that the white dress originated from a place with traditions and legends.

The tradition of wearing white gowns to a wedding steams from the English Monarchy. Queen Victoria's wearing of her first white wedding gown inspired many women. Queen Victoria set such a fashion precedent that women world-wide followed her lead and thus the tradition was born.

Go ahead with your decision on a wedding gown now. It's your day, and you must therefore decide on what can truly make this day special.

Source by Erina Tai