The biggest challenge for any bride is making the right decision when choosing her wedding dress, that is aside from that of choosing the ideal partner she wants to spend the rest of her life with. The wedding day is where the bride gets to live her dream of being a princess, so it has to be special.

The bride will need to consider her comfort level when buying the wedding dress. If the dress causes extreme discomfort; then expect dances at the reception be that of a waltz and not the twist. Keep in mind if the wedding dress is too tight it can hamper circulation causing dizziness, and you do not want that.

Plans for the wedding dress usually start months before the set date. What you have to remember once you have chosen the gown, you have to stick with your diet. If you pile on the pounds you incur more expense, having to get the wedding dress altered.

Styles of wedding dress are in abundance and can be chosen personally by you from a bridal shop. Magazines are also good for giving ideas and providing useful tips.

An important factor when choosing your gown is, to look at your body type. The petite pleasantly plump figure will definitely need to be taken into consideration when making that all important decision what to wear, or the style may not suit your frame. Be prepared to make a day of it trying on various wedding dresses so you get it right.

Vera Wang is one of the famous names in the world of weddings. VW is noted for the detailing put into her gowns along with luxurious craftsmanship, also an additional bonus of personal hand beading. Famous stars like Mariah Carey, Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Lopez and Uma Thurman, are few to mention that follow this designer. If your budget allows then go all out for a designer dress.

If designer is out of the window, then options for the bride on a budget, is to check out discount stores, charity shops, even going online at eBay to bag a bargain will make this wedding a lot less expensive.

Common sense prevails when buying a wedding dress online. Because of the way the purchase is handled, it is a good chance that you only get to see the dress by photo, so check measurements, and be specific when asking for details on the condition of the dress. Another important thing is to make sure who this person is that is selling, before going ahead with any transaction involving money.

If it is a traditional wedding theme you have in mind for the wedding, go for a vintage dress. Vintage dresses tend to discolour so remember this before purchase takes place. Vintage dress fabrics dating back to the 1900 and earlier have a tendency to deteriorate so check for wear and tear

Setting your heart on a specific design, only to find it is not available due to age or over your budget, then make enquiries for a reproduction of the chosen wedding dress you had in mind. You will find stores online that focus particularly on reproduction dresses, check them out so you're not disappointed.

Dreams do come true if you make them happen. Well girls what are you waiting for your dream theme is just waiting to happen.

Source by Kacy Carr