Wedding dress bustle is basically a sewing method in which you can pack up your train so you can dance and move more freely. Of course, it won’t ruin your dress at all and you can keep looking stylish the whole evening. Do you know that there are more than one way to do it? Check out these alternatives for tying up your tail.

Ballroom Bustle

This bustle is probably the best option for those who prefer for clean look while staying stylish as you want to. Most commonly, this technique is used for ball gown, which then why it is named this way. It can be done by flipping up or under your wedding dress train, so it disappears. While the basic method sounds horror, you won’t lose your dress shape at all. In fact, it looks like a version where your dress doesn’t have train at all.

French Bustle

This bustle technique is the best option for a wedding dress with more natural waist line. Basically, it picks up your dress train and tucks it under your dress silhouette. Many times, it takes ribbons to attach the picks up and there can be several points for tucking them appropriately. If you are confused, you should consider Belle’s dress in Beauty and the Best. That’s a perfect example of this bustle.

Austrian Bustle

This bustle is probably the most popular technique today. Instead of flipping the dress over or under, this technique includes ribbon sewn in the dress back seam. This ribbon allows you to pull it so the train is pulled in the center, creating a new illusion on the dress and pack up your train in a decent way. This technique is considered way more practical than the others even though it changes your dress back look a little bit.

American Bustle

This style is really popular as well. Instead of hiding the train or tuck it under, this technique actually incorporates several hooks. You will have several points on your train and these points will be hooked, literally with dress hooks, into several other points on your waist line. Even though it is simple enough to do, it actually gives you a little more drama on the dress as well. It explains why this bustle gets popular today.

So there is no reason why you should resist yourself from blending in with the guests and make the most of the moment. Depending on your personal preferences and dress design, you can always choose one of those bustles to serve you.