Many brides would make a dressmaker sew their dresses for them. It is more personal, accurate and enjoying to have your everyday dressmaker sew your dress. But not all couples can have their dresses sewn for them. Due to want of time or low budget, some would want to buy off the shelf bridal wear. Buying a pre-sewn dress comes wit its own disadvantages. The dress may not fit exactly and would have to be modified in a way or two to suit the wearer. It can be time consuming and one has to take a lot of factors into consideration to get it right.

You should let an expert do the alteration. A regular dressmaker can not alter a wedding dress accurately and retain the original design. Wedding dresses are delicate pieces of clothing with strict design and seam lines. So a fashion designer with years of experience is always the best choice to make the alterations. The same person can also be able to accessorize it after the modifications have been done.

The alteration must take into account the type of accessories the bride is going to wear. You will have take into account the shoe, the jewels, the type of bouquet and even the theme of the wedding.

The figure type will affect how the alterations done. So you will have to be there in person for measurement and not simply send over your regular measurement for the alterations. Everyday dress measurements are different from those of wedding wears.

If you are on budget, you would have to consider how much the alteration will cost. You will compare this price with the cost of a new bridal wear without alterations. In all situations you should avoid buying a non-fitting dress if it would cost so high to alter. The cost of the alteration must be known before you make the purchase.

Buy the dress on time. Alterations take months to do. The slightest delay can affect the wedding so be sure to give the bridal wear to someone who has strict timeline and can produce quality job.

Source by Amanda Jane