The wedding cake is one of the centers of attention in the wedding. So that the wedding cake can be a place to show your character and demonstrate the theme of your wedding in front of the invite guests. Therefore, you must prepare the wedding cake as well as possible. In addition to the type of cake, you also need to think about the decoration, including determining cake topper that suits your taste and your desire. Here’s how to set a perfect topper or cake top for your big day.

Tips on Choosing The Perfect Topper For Wedding Cakes

As time goes by, the trend continues to shift, as well as the creation of a cake of marriage that changes with each passing moment and appetite. The bridal cake, which had traditionally been tired, is now two levels enough. Cake design that was once made as exciting and as smooth as possible, now simpler is better. The wedding cake topper, which was only decorated with plastic replicas, is now more varied and exciting.

For those of you who want a cake of marriage that is unique and different from others, it’s easy, look for a novel idea to serve as your wedding cake topper. Some ideas that you can make an inspiration for a wedding cake topper:

  • Cake topper in customized with hobby

Do you have the same hobby with your partner? If yes, it is perfect to pour your hobbies both through the wedding cake decoration. Discuss with your partner about how the model, color, and visualization you want for your wedding cake. If you already have your design, give it a picture to the vendor, but if you do not have much time to describe it, discuss it and ask the opinion of your wedding cake vendor.

  • Cakes toppers match your favorite figures

Not only a small child who has an idol figure, admit it until now you still have hero figures, be it fictional and nonfiction figures that you still like, right? No need to be ashamed to admit it. What a unique thing if you dare to show off your favorite characters and couples on your wedding day through the wedding cake topper. If you have a favorite superhero character, make it a hope that as hard as any of your home worlds will be, you will be like a superhero with all his strength will preserve your married life, and end up happy. Exciting right? Using a wedding cake topper with a favorite figure is also still unique and impressive.

  • Keep it simple

If you want something simple, but still want a unique toppers cake, you can just use the silhouette of your face and partner to be the inspiration for the topper cake. Look for something that is typical of both of you, depicted from the silhouette, such as your hair likes to be tied a ponytail, or your partner who has a rabbit’s teeth. It can be used as more value and make the silhouette image pieces feel more special. The most important thing you should discuss this with your partner.

  • Toppers cake tailored to the theme of the wedding

When your decorations are perfect, but part of the toppers cake does not fit your wedding theme. Finally, your wedding cake looks unattractive even looks tacky and excessive. Do not want that to happen to your wedding cake, do you? Therefore, choose a toppers cake that matches the theme of your wedding because the toppers can indeed be a decorator as well as a boomerang for your wedding cake.

Whatever toppers you will wear on your wedding cake, Most importantly, you should keep discussing this with your partner. Going to an agreement would be more fun, would not it? Just after you both agree, discuss all your ideas to your wedding cake vendor. Hopefully, after reading this article, you can already determine what topper cake you will use in your wedding cake, good luck!