Wedding cake flowers can turn a boring cake into something special. Instead of having a plain white cake, consider adding some color with beautiful flowers.

As with other aspects of your wedding, your budget will be a factor when deciding on which ones to use for your cake. There are flower options available for whatever your wedding budget happens to be.

Here are three types of wedding cake flowers to consider for your big day:

Real Flowers

Using real flowers adds a special touch. They should match the flowers and colors used for the rest of your wedding, or they should compliment them in some way.

Just throwing a few flowers on your cake probably won’t look very good, so you will want to work with your florist to come up with the right display and combination.

Real flowers can be used as your topper, as decorations on the sides of your cake and as decorations for the table where your cake will sit.

Sugar Flowers

Sugar flowers have become very popular for a few reasons. First, since they are made of sugar they won’t wilt in hot weather. This crosses one at least one thing off your list that you don’t have to worry about on your wedding day.

Second, they are easier to save as keepsakes than real flowers. Real flowers have to be dried or preserved in order to keep them, but sugar flowers will hold up for many years as they looked on your wedding day.

Third, sugar flowers can be combined with other decorative items on your cake, like seashells or seasonal items. Combining flowers with other items can help to finish off your overall wedding theme.

There are several really good companies that offer sugar flowers, and they will even ship them directly to you. Do a search online to find the right vendor for your wedding.

Silk Flowers

Silk flowers are a great alternative if you are looking to lower your budget while taking advantage of the beauty that flowers can bring to your cake. Silk flowers are even better than sugar as they definitely won’t wilt in hot weather, and they are a lot easier to preserve than real flowers.

There are different levels of silk flowers, so shop around and find ones that look real while staying within your budget. Even the highest quality silk flowers should come in lower than real flowers from a florist.

Source by Stephen Badiali