You probably are thinking hard about wearing the used wedding dresses for your special day. No bride would want to wear something pre-owned or pre-worn by the previous bride. But in reality, such a thing doesn’t hurt, really. If you have an open mind, wearing the pre-worn dress isn’t such a big deal. You are basically helping the environment by reusing the dress. Plus, you get to save yourself a hefty amount of money for a dress. Consider this, you are going to use the dress once. So why would you be willing to spend thousands for it? Well, unless you are buying yourself a multi functional dress which can be used again later as another type of outfit or dress.

The Concept of Using the Used Dresses

There are several reasons why people would buy the used wedding dresses. One of the major reasons is money, obviously. A wedding dress is costly – you will be spending thousands of dollars for it alone and you will be using it for once. What’s the point, anyway? When you decide to buy a used dress, you can cut the expenses into half. Wouldn’t it be better if you can use the money for other things – the important things, anyway? Another reason is to reuse the dress and make a more efficient wear. If each bride thinks about buying a new dress, can you imagine how full the landfill will be?

Some people don’t like the idea of wearing the used dress. Well, think of it this way: Do you know about some families that have used their great-great-great grandmother’s wedding dress as a heirloom and it has been passed down for generations? Well, if you want to think of it, it is a kind of wearing the used dress too but no one seems to mind. Think of yourself wearing someone’s heirloom that may be passed down to your next generation in the future. Who knows? Never say never to reality.


Asking the Right Questions

So, you finally decide to wear the used dress. And what should you ask to them? Naturally, things that are related to the dress and how they care for it. Here are some of the questions to ask?

  • The condition of the dress. Ask the details of how she used it – for indoor or outdoor wedding, etc. And then ask her how she had been doing to maintain and care for the dress. You want to choose an owner that has taken the dress to a professional cleaner because it will minimize any damage.
  • The size. Even if it is a used dress, you will still have to spend money for the purchase. Therefore, it would be smart if you can get the details of the size, just to make sure that it fits you.
  • The location – and possibly return policy. This is an important question especially if you are going to have an online transaction. If it is close by, ask whether it is okay for you to drop by and see the dress directly. It would be best if the seller has their own return policy as well.

The most common and general seller for the dress is running online. Whether they are specializing in selling out used wedding dresses or they are the ladies who no longer need the dress anymore. You want to check their reputation and track record. It would be best to stay local where you can have a direct contact with the seller. Some offline stores also provide pre-owned dresses – you just have to ask.

In the end, doing a careful research should help you find the right dress for you, despite the dress being used or such thing alike. After all, none of your guests will know that you are wearing the used wedding dresses – not if you can plan it right.