Tropical colors are back to the track! Those who love purple and pop up color would be pleased to combine a lot of color options. Play the color right and deliver summer vibe in your wedding. Purple could also deliver soft touch as long as it finds the perfect ornament pair.

Pastel Purple Bouquet

Aside from the bouquet, one safe place to put purple bouquet is on the table, being the center piece. For this purpose, it would be better to pick lilac colored flowers and arrange them loosely. Slipping several white roses are also a great variation. Don’t forget a little green in between.

Lilac Petal For Confetti

Another way to incorporate purple in your wedding is by using it as confetti. Ask for help from your bride maids to throw these beautiful petals to the air when you walk to the aisle. Mind the presentation; put the petals inside rattan basket and style it with matching ribbon wrap.

Frozen Purple Bouquet

Are you going to have the wedding in winter? Then this purple frozen bouquet is the perfect match. It is made from dark purple, lilac and white flowers. For the frozen effect, several white leaves and twigs are arranged in the back. They are tied together with brown rope.

Lavender Tiny Bouquet

Lavender might come to your mind within second if somebody ask about purple flowers. This flower is often found in many weddings, but only as additional ornament. Since purple is the main theme, you can make it the main star by making one stem bouquet. Don’t be surprised when you hold small bouquet!

Shades of Purple

It is pretty difficult to decide which purple tone should be used in the wedding. If this is the case, then why don’t you put them all together? Various flowers with different shade of purple is also charming. To make purple stand out in the group, add some blue flowers in the middle.

Bohemian Purple

Those who are brave enough to take Bohemian concept should go all the way. For the flower bouquet, take similar arrangement, too. Try to combine white roses and lilies. Then, surround them with purple small bud flower.

Since wedding trend is changing every year, the modern couples need to keep up with the latest update. It is not surprising that pop up color is gaining attention once again. Come along with those colors is purple, which is rarely found in a wedding ceremony. Learn from the examples above on how to make purple work!