Wondering what is in or out for weddings this year? The flowers that you choose for your special day will have a big impact, so you want to make sure that they look stylish and current. These are some of the latest trends in wedding flowers.

The most chic centerpieces this season focus on one or two key elements. Rather than having floral displays with a lot of different types of flowers in a variety of colors, pick one type of flower or one color to use. If you choose a single type of bloom, you can keep the look totally streamlined by using it in only one color, or go for a bit more drama by pairing two contrasting colors. The hottest choices are the boldest, such as fuchsia and orange or red with lime green.

If you like a bit more texture and variety for your centerpieces, then choose one focal color and mix together a variety of flowers in that hue. Any shade of green is especially in vogue right now. It is in keeping with the trend towards more natural weddings, and green flowers combine very well with colors like bark brown for an eco-chic wedding.

With all of these simple floral displays, it is up to the vessels to add some oomph. Many floral designers are getting away from the cookie cutter effect of matching centerpieces on every table. More special is to get a variety of vessels that tie together. This trend works with either the traditional round dinner tables or the long tables that are popular these days.

When you are looking for the perfect vessels for your centerpieces, think about what will work best with the overall style of your wedding. For instance, brides who are wearing formal ballgowns with opulent bridal jewelry sets will want to find centerpiece displays with the same luxe feeling. A perfect complement would be antique silver vessels in a variety of shapes and heights.

Brides who are going for a more modern style, with sleek gowns and minimalist sets of bridal jewelry, will need an elegant and contemporary way to display their flowers. Lucite vessels are an ideal solution. These clear forms, often done in square or rectangular shapes, will highlight the beauty of your flowers in an absolutely modern and unfussy way. The nice thing about lucite vases is that they are clear, so they will make it easier for your guests to see around them on the reception tables.

Another trend in wedding flowers is not really about flowers at all. With the idea of bringing a touch of nature to the wedding, some couples are introducing other natural elements either to go with the flowers or instead of flowers. The trend includes things like smooth river rocks, moss, and tree branches, all artfully arranged. One great way to use this idea in your wedding is to fill a clear vessel with smooth pebbles or rocks, fill it with water, and float a single perfect blossom on the top. It is the ultimate in natural chic design.

With all of these ideas in mind, you may find it easier to narrow down the overwhelming options for your wedding flowers. You can still use your favorite flower, whatever that may be. Simply ask your florist to create a centerpiece design that uses your chosen blossom in one of the most current trends.

Source by Bridget Mora