Every couple has different wedding reception preference. Some might go to the building, while some others love to spend the big day in the open air. For those who prefer the second option, the bride then must find the perfect fit for the occasion. What about some casual dresses that allow the married lady to move freely?

Semi-casual A-Line Dress

In order to appreciate the holy ceremony, why don’t wear a semi casual wedding dress? It takes halter neck with a slight cut in between the busts. The lace detail and the covered buttons will be perfect ornament for the whole dress. The short sleeves makes the bride looks sweeter. For the skirt, it takes A-line cut, expanding prettily while covering three quarter of the legs while hiding the small waist under it.

Full Neck Lace Wedding Gown

Knee-length one piece dress shapes the bride’s charming aura. Especially, when it has full neck cut with semi sabrina design. The neck line is beautifully highlighted, while covering the edge of shoulder blade. It is even astonishing since the fabric used is lace with detailed pattern. The designer pairs this look with a loose skirt with embedded edges. In the middle, a simple ribbon is tied as the waist band.

Casual Mini Dress

Thinking about having a party on the sea shore? Say no more. For this venue, the bride will need cool and chic fabric; fancy enough to appear as the wedding gown but don’t make the sweat flows like river. In this case, sleeves mini dress with U-cut neckline is the best choice. The skirt shouldn’t be long, and this dress has it above the knees. For the frilly design, the gown offers medium length tail.

Double Layer Short Dress

Looking at the short dress for the first time, the bride might think that this is the standard one. Well, she is not totally wrong. Wait until she sees the outer layer. Creating a halter neck cut illusion, the fabric boosts up the elegance value. Not to mention, the shiny beads embedded around the collar. Even the waist band looks precious, as the beads lines up in formation, mimicking mini crown pattern.

When it is time to be casual, take the short one! Long flowing wedding gown will surely trouble the bride. Let the lady enjoy her time with the guest and move around without any restriction. Even if she wants to be classy, there are some casual wedding options that meet the requirements. All she has to do is ask, after all!