Discount wedding dress can be a brilliant alternative especially when you are on budget. However, it is admitted that affordable dresses often look cheap and awful. If you are on a budget for the dress, you need to try the following tips.

  1. Avoid Too White Dress

Optic and bright white dress is hard to pull off. While the overall look often looks harsh and graphic, many of the special details added are lost in the color. If you want romantic and soft look on your dress, this is not your color.

As an alternative, you can prefer on dresses on ivory, cream, soft white, and off white. It naturally looks elegant and classy and it doesn’t need too many details to pull off. Many times, a discount wedding dress in one of these colors looks like a designer piece. Go for it.

  1. Prefer on Higher Quality Material and Small Handmade Lace

Many mass-market bridal brands often compromise on lower material like polyester and machine made lace, especially for ball gown dresses. It instantly gives cheap and ugly look you don’t want to have. As a solution, prefer on simpler design. It commonly uses higher quality material that actually looks better too.

In addition to it, it is always better to look for a small amount of handmade lace on your dress instead of elaborated machine made lace on it. Often, it is what makes the dress sophisticated.

  1. Don’t Go Too Shiny

Too shiny wedding dress is never pleasant to look at. Even for an expensive dress, shiny materials will instantly give the impression that it is made of cheap sateen. When you hunt for the right discount wedding dress, go for matte material with soft touch and look.

This principle applies for the rhinestones as well. Don’t go too crazy on this just to make a simple dress pop up. The key of an elegant looking wedding dress is simplicity. Less sparkle definitely means more and works way better. So, choose a dress with modesty on the shiny aspect.

  1. Never Too Much Sexy

As you are hunting dress on a budget, you can’t afford high quality embellishments, fine fabrics, and expert tailoring. It means adding too many sexy details like lingerie inspired details, plunging neckline, high slit, and illusion paneling will be a night mare. Plus, the combination of them all often looks disastrous.

In addition to it, extreme cleavage, lace-up back, and visible corsetry is often too much for a wedding. You can still get the sexy look by focusing one of them only and preventing of showing too much skin.

  1. Choose One Decorative Statement

There are many decorative details we love. Giant rhinestones clip, gathered skirt, three dimensional lace, beading, bows, and lace are great but awful to combine together. Instead of looking sophisticated, you seem to be unable to make up your mind.

As an alternative, you can focus on just one decorative statement. It leaves the rest of the dress unadorned, yes, and it is where you get the balance. Choose a discount wedding dress that goes with this principle and gives your simple balance you need to have.

Even if your budget only allows you to get more affordable dress, it is still going to be the most expensive outfit you buy for the day. So, it is only fair that you get the dress that looks like it. There is no reason to compromise with your look, but it is always smart to avoid wedding debt. Apply those tips above and you’ll find that your discount wedding dress can look like Kate Middleton’s too.