They're beautiful and they smell wonderful. They have vibrant colors that lighten and brighten up any occasion. No wonder no wedding is complete without flowers. They may simply be in the bride's bouquet, they may adorn the bride's and her attendants' hair, they may be simple dashes of color on the groom's and the groomsmen's lapels, or they can adorn every possible nook and cranny of the wedding venue. However they are used, flowers can not fail but add a necessary element of beauty to a wedding celebration.

Using flowers for weddings presents quite a challenge, however. Fresh flowers, for instance, bloom only in certain seasons, they do not last long and they can be truly expensive. In fact, the expense can quickly add up if you are not careful.

Flowers can adorn almost any part of the wedding process – the congregation, the church or civil office, the reception tables and as gifts and presents to special people on the day. They therefore need to be considered carefully, including the range and type of flowers as well as the cost.

It is useful to set a reasonable budget for wedding flowers as they will brighten up and enhance any wedding. They are as important as any other component of the wedding process and need careful thought. It is best to sit down with your intended partner and any other people that are helping to arrange the wedding, and develop a plan that will encompass the different choices, costs and "feel" of the wedding ceremony – not forgetting before and after.

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