The Wedding Day is possibly one of the most fraught days in a woman's life but it is also the most special, most glamorous day in her life and with the right planning and preparation beforehand it can be almost easy. Apart from the ceremony the wedding dress or gown is the most important part of the day.

How do you choose the right wedding dress?

The first thing to establish when picking a wedding gown is what shape you are. Your body shape must influence your choice of dress as different physiques require different approaches to give the most flattering outline and shape. If you are petite and slim you will probably like a sheath dress (very sexy) or perhaps an A line gown which with a closer cut to the upper and a flaring lower part suits nearly all body shapes. Both these styles lengthen the overall silhouette and therefore have a slimming effect. For a taller bride and ones with a bit extra on the hips and thighs a ball gown style would be more effective as the voluminous skirt will hide those little secrets.

What material is right for my dress?

There is no right or wrong when choosing the material for your wedding gown just pick something you like. However bear in mind if you are planning your nuptials in the summer heavy velvet may not be the wisest choice and likewise a December wedding may not be the best place for a light Silk Georgette gown. Another factor when deciding on the material is how it is cut which will determine how it lays and what structure it will give and of course the texture of the cloth is important as the same style and cut will look quite different depending on the material used.

Do I need a train?

Not if you do not want one is the answer. Trains for wedding gowns became popular in the middle ages. As with most things the train was basically a status symbol, look how much material I can afford, so I must be rich! The bridal train comes in many forms from the 'sweep', a short extension from the knee area, to the fully fledged 'monarch' which looks, as it's name suggests, very regal but which will require a little careful handling by the brides attendants .

Do I need a veil?

Again the choice is yours and again a variety of styles are available. I personally like to see a bride in a veil as it seems proper. It must be the romantic in me.

As you can see choosing a wedding dress is a big job and one that you must take time over. It will be time well spent. A few other factors to take into account are; are you planning to diet before the ceremony? This will affect your dress choice as one dress may not look the same on different body shapes. Pick your shoes prior to fitting your gown as any alterations will be affected by your height. Consider your lingerie and try it on with your frock, you do not want unsightly straps and bulges spoiling the look of your perfect wedding dress.

Source by Nancy Fletcher