Bridal dresses reflect the theme of the wedding, tradition and personal preference of the couple. They are the main attraction of the event as everybody looks at that.

Wedding dresses come in various forms. There are different sizes to suit many body types. You can have the full figured, slender or average sized wedding dress. Some bridal dresses will suit the heavy bosomed or others with thick waistlines.

Bridal wear have different styles too. There is the A Line, the fitted bodice and even the bell-bottomed type. Each style has been made to conceal or accentuate some body part. So in their search, brides will have to consider their body type and then select accordingly. Bridal fashion designers use a combination of these styles to help a bride come out with the best.

The theme of the wedding will affect the type of dress to be worn. Formal or traditional weddings require flowing and flamboyant dresses. Casual weddings can look contemporary and even colorful.

Each wedding dress has a fabric that goes with it. Chiffon, satin and lace are the most common. These are considered extravagant, flamboyant and will radiate the required ambience. They are most beautiful if they are white in color.

There are special bridal wear that are made to conform to traditions. Some customs require that bridal dresses be sewn in a special way. These have nothing to do with formal or casual weddings. They just have to be made in a special way so they conform to custom.

Of growing use is fashionable dresses as wedding wear. This style is very contemporary. With this type of dress, the bride will just pick any contemporary dress and just adorn it up. It has the effect of been fashionable and excitedly contemporary.

The type of dress a bride will choose will depend on so many actors. Budget is one. Personal style is another. The theme of the wedding is another consideration. But above all, the personal preference of the bride tops all. It is her day and she will have chosen what will make her look best.

Source by Amanda Jane