The wedding dress is as much a part of the wedding as the bride is. However, is it really worth buying the dress that will cost a few thousand dollars and burn a huge hole in your pocket, particularly for those getting married on a shoestring budget?

It is needless to say that every bride looks forward to the prettiest wedding dress on her special day. However, do remember that it has been designed specifically for a wedding leaving you no option to wear it later to a cocktail party or formal gathering because of its typical fabric, cut, look and design. Get married in it and dump it somewhere in the furthest corner of your wardrobe – a few hundred or thousand dollars forgotten and gone to sheer waste. Why not instead look for something on hire or even use your mother's dress if it fits you in case you are pressed for funds.

A "pre-loved '' wedding dress available on sales websites is another practical option. This is a unique method of recycling fashion and comes almost new, the previous owner having worn it for a few hours only at a fraction of the cost. Who knows, you might even get designer stuff at a throwaway price!

Use your imagination to upgrade a pre-used wedding dress through suitable alterations and additions. A vintage lace veil or modern accessories that go with it could also be safely added to give you the glamorous look that you so crave for. And that too, at much lower costs! You could also look for special bridal shops that sell wedding dresses at cheaper prices for funding charitable activities. One bride had her dress designed in such a manner where its lace accessories like veil, train and sleeves were detachable and she could wear the stand alone white silk dress. Do not also look for a dress that is already too gaudy and has the word wedding written all over it.

Source by Ruth Caldon