One of the most beautiful and symbolic traditions of the wedding is that of floral ornaments. A nice bouquet of choice for the bride usually the replica of that used his mom, but updated; Among the most popular flowers are the coves, Casablanca lilies, gardenias, hidrangeas, lilacs, lilies of the valley, orchids, estefanotis, tulips and, of course, roses.

In an interview with the florist, take (if possible) photos of the wedding dress, the church and floral arrangements they like. Clarifications from the outset what their budget, their favorite colors, what arrangements need (church, reception hall, etc.). And how many people (ladies, etc.). Ask if the price includes taxes and sending flowers, and remember that a good florist always conforms to the budget of his client, supplying their creativity with the possible lack of resources.

Overall, the budget for flowers should be 15% of the total wedding. A normal wedding usually cost, in the garden "Trias Flowers" for example, about $ 200 US, although everything depends on the number of centre's and the type of table decoration. The centers table classics are made according July Trias, one of the owners of Casablanca Lilies, Alstromeria, Stock, roses (whether or Arreana Vendela), Buvardia and Dendrobium orchid, combined with silver candlesticks candles ivory color.

The price ranges between $ 8 and $ 15 each, but there are cheaper, from $ 3.50. They are basically like the earlier but less developed and less flowers.

Manny Alonso, owner Anne Nouvelle Florists, works with any budget that the customers always follow its recommendations.

We must be realistic: not everything you see in magazines is real or affordable. Even I have not found any partner who does not have a limited budget for its flowers, he says, less is more elegant.

My recommendation is always the same: less is more elegant, and repeats the same flower when there is a budget that makes it look more strong decoration. Understand elegance, that's my motto says the florist, whose flowers are the favorite coves.

The most elaborate wedding that Manny has done has been to his daughter Ana Cristina: decorated the church with more than 5000 white roses Carte Blanche that open as gardenias, over 1000 stems of lilies from Casablanca who was caring for one week before they were open that day; delphinium and white apple blossoms flowered brought from Washington the previous day.

The wedding with more Hollywood style for him was one he made in the Indian Creek Club and in which used osianas with roses, candles and wreaths with asparagus Azahar, banners with the initials of the bride and groom in flowers and a flash of fireworks in the bay when the bride gave the yes.

Certainly, the guests instead arrive in limousines arrived by helicopter because the families were residing in New York, tells us. Another favorite of his wedding, perhaps more than you have done, was to some European who insisted that everything was absolutely tropical:

I used thousands of exotic flowers: Proto, birds of paradise, ginger, haleconias, maracas, orchids and various other to achieve the effect, and as a final touch, I had to rent parrots so obviously more authentic '', recalls.

The most original of all their wedding was one that used lilies, roses and orchids in shades of white and natural, well-trimmed classics, silver candlesticks, etc .. What was the original of this very classical wedding? Says Manny with broad smile, Well, that the family dog, with tulle neck and scintilla's of flowers, paraded in front of the bride wearing the rings …

Anyway, there for everyone, Remember, boyfriends, always bet on his own conviction to have the best of the weddings and of course, the better wedding flowers to you.

Source by Jesus A Sanchez