Since wedding should be once in a life time ceremony, many couples are going after luxurious glow for their wedding outfit. Unfortunately, paying too much attention to the dress detail might not give maximum result. Since you have worked hard on the decoration and party stuff, why don’t you pair these gleams with simple outfit instead?

Chic A-Line Dress

For simple concept, taking one material for the whole gown sounds just right. With the shiny fabric, the bride will have V-neck design with two straps that goes smaller as they reach the shoulder. Then there is also a clear line on the dress; the connecting of the bodice and the skirt. The bride will love the A-line concept that won’t make normal walk difficult. In fact, it gives enough space for legs to move around.

Simple Straight Gown

When some brides love showing off their curves, some others are looking for a straight design. It is another form of simplicity; deep V neck cut in the front and back, simple waist band and a skirt that takes straight line from the hips down to the floor. This wedding gown would be the real deal for the thin and slim brides. It frames their small bodies in artistic way.

Tulle Skirt Wedding Dress

If you are a fan of sensuality, don’t flip the page just yet. The dress with deep V-cut and balloon silhouette bodice might be the one you are dreaming off. It cups your busts beautifully and keep them in place with two thin lines on your shoulders. A wide satin fabric then horizontally wrapped around your waist. For the skirt, what about some layers of tulle fabric? It creates perfect line, hiding the hip flaws under the airy material.

Black Ribbon Waist Gown

Are you looking for complexity in simplicity? This wedding gown model spreads unique vibe thanks to the folded fabric right above the sweetheart neckline. As the highlight, a thick, black waistband with oversized head is set in the middle of stomach blade. The skirt then flow graciously to the floor, creating a neat A-line for the overall look. The original design has no jacket included, but the bride could always add one if she likes to.

No doubt, glamorous wedding gown will blow the guests, letting them hold their breath from the moment you enter the room. However, in the recent years the trendy paradigm shifts to something much more simple and see elegance in simplicity. Take a second look at the “less is more” look above and pick your style.