More than ten percent of all weddings celebrated in a year are winter weddings. As cold and snowy in most parts of the world, anyone can’t help but wonder, will the winter brides have enough flower choices for this very special event? Well, the fact is…a lot! Flowers that bloom in winter may not be as much compared to those that grow in spring and summer yet we still have to realize that it’s not actually the season but the personal preferences of the couple getting married play the biggest part.

Winter wedding flowers characterize the warmth of the events associated with the season (Christmas, New Year and Valentine’s Day). Flowers such as these usually come in red, burgundy, yellow and Orange with accents of Silver, White and Green.

The Best Winter Wedding Flowers

– Amaryllis – A bulbous plant that grows from 5-10 inches in diameter. It has a funnel-shape flower that comes in white, pink and purple.

– Gerbera – An ornamental plant from the Sunflower family. It naturally grows from South America, Asia, Madagascar and Africa. It comes in yellow, orange, white, pink, red and others.

– Tulips – Although always associated with Holland, this beautiful bulb-shaped flower came from Central Asia, Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan. It comes in red, yellow, white, Old rose and others.

– Roses – This open-faced flower is the most popular in the world. Indigenous in Asia, Europe, North America and Northwest Africa and comes in red, white, pink and yellow.

– Anigozanthos – Also known as “Kangaroo paw” which naturally grows in Australia. It has a soft feel and comes in yellow, pale pink, dark red and citrus green. It’s now commercially grown in U.S., Japan and Israel.

– Orchids – From the flowering plants’ largest family and comes in a lot colors. Naturally from Asia, South and Central America.

There are much to choose from as far as winter wedding flowers are concerned. The main thing to remember is to check how it would complement the wedding motif and the mood they’re trying to convey.

Source by Gerardo Medina