For some brides, it seems that every part of their wedding budget is inadequate. The problem is that if you go over budget in one area, you will need to make it up in another part of your budget. There is a way that you buy all of your wedding flowers for just around $ 100. Using wholesale roses is the key. Read below to learn how you can save big on your wedding flowers.

Large bridal bouquets are lovely, but everyone is looking at you, not your flowers. If you are on a tight budget, consider using wholesale roses for your wedding flower needs.

Bridal and Wedding Party Bouquets

For the bridal bouquet, remove the thorns from six to twelve wholesale roses. Then tie the roses together and wrap the stems with ribbon. Do the same for the bridal party bouquets, but use fewer roses than you did for the bride's bouquet. You can add baby's breath or greenery if you'd like, but it is not necessary.

Altar Decorations

Instead of having the main focus of the altar decorations be centered around flowers, consider using other elements such as candelabras or an arch. It will cost very little to rent these elements from a party supply store, and you will not have to use any flowers on the altar.

If you still want to add flowers, you can add a couple of small arrangements using your wholesale roses.

Corsages and Boutonnieres

To create a boutonniere, simply snip the head of a rose that has not yet fully bloomed. Be sure to leave enough of the stem so that you can pin the flower onto the lapel of the wearer.

For the corsages, use a flower that has bloomed. Attach the rose, along with a bit of greenery or baby's breath to a small piece of tulle.

Flower Girl Petals

Carefully remove the petals from several wholesale roses and place in a basket. Do not do this more than a day before the wedding. If possible, do it the morning of the wedding so that the petals will not have a chance to dry out.

All of the above described elements for your wedding flowers can be purchased for under $ 100. You will need to find a wholesale florist or, if there is not one near you, an online wholesale florist. It is not unusual to find 100 wholesale roses for well under $ 100. Depending on the size your wedding party and how many flowers you want for the altar decorations, 100 roses may be enough to take care of all of your wedding flower needs.

Source by Dennis Harp