Some couples are afraid to inquire about Tacori wedding bands because the Tacori name is associated with exclusivity, quality and expense. This needn’t be the case. Most of these wedding bands cost less than $3,000.00 and some can be purchased for under $1,500.00. Tacori is a company specializing in unique, hand-crafted jewelry, especially engagement rings and wedding sets. The artisans focus on old world detail and are so skilled, each stamps the “Tacori” name inside their ring to prove authenticity.

It was the wildly popular network television show Desperate Housewives that vaulted the Tacori name into American homes. Many women wanted to know more about the jewelry worn by their favorite stars on the show. As a result, sales of this exclusive brand have been steadily increasing.

Tacori wedding bands are most often crafted in platinum or gold with an 18 or 22 karat weight, however platinum is the preferred choice. The company believes the white sheen of the gold will eventually wear off and take on a yellow appearance through the years, whereas the platinum combination of 95% platinum and 5% iridium produces a superior and longer lasting product. Some examples of Tacori wedding bands include diamonds set halfway around a medium width band for about $1,500.00 or a wedding set with .15 carat side stones on the band and a .75 carat princess cut diamond for $3,000.00.

The most important thing to remember about Tacori jewelry is their quality. They are truly an heirloom of tomorrow. Be sure you look for the name stamped inside the ring and beware of any jeweler who offers to get you a deal on the brand. Only jewelers recommended by the company can be trusted to give you the real item instead of an imitation. With some careful homework and some money from the piggybank, the couple in love can announce their good taste to the world by wearing Tacori wedding bands.

Source by Mark X. Simpson