Out of all the item in the list, wedding hall might be found in the bottom. This is why the decoration is often forgotten if not neglected. Don’t forget that this is the place where all the guests will wait for the bride and groom in great anticipation. Probably one of the ideas below could awe them.

Fairytale Hall

Ever been dreaming about a fairy tale hall? It has two or more arches, covered in white and pink roses as well as greenery. On the top of the arch, there are several bubbles hanged with bead strand. For evening ceremony, install white bulb on the bottom and add pink rose petals on the floor.

Wide Space Effect

If the indoor space you booked is actually small, punching a lot of stuffs in is not effective means. Move the chair close to the wall, so you have quite big space in the middle. Now, spread the flower petal on the floor, not too far from the chair. On the stage, hung a clean cloth on a decorative frame.

Warm Vintage Hall

For a vintage concept, the bride and groom must buy the lanterns. Pick a color that has rusty concept. To make it into wedding hall instead of Halloween venue, put a pocket of flower bouquet in the side of each chair. Fireplace would be another great ornament, too!

White Backdrop

Looking for a touch of modern and elegance? Then you might want to consider this concept. Several candles kept in a varied height holders are lined next to the chair, marking the path. On the stage, long drapery curtain is hung from the ceiling. Add curtain in the entrance if you like.

Clean Flower Bed

The following concept is not made for those who have pollen allergies. It includes a lot flowers everywhere: on the ceiling, aisle, path, and even the backdrop. There are also some medium flower balls arranged next to the pillars. Be ready to get blinded by white floral theme.

Fancy Glow

If your favorite venue has dark setting, you can still make it glow with suitable decoration. Line up tall candles placed inside a clear glass. On the ceiling, hang several lines of clear bulb. Don’t forget to put tall stem flowers next to the entrance.

No one can deny the importance of wedding hall decoration. It is the place where you will step for the first time. Let all the guests, even your family and close relatives frame the beautiful picture in their memory. Be careful when choosing the decoration style; make sure you make the indoor setting more spacious and pretty!