Stuck to a dead end with the wedding dress choice? If after rolling several books of modern wedding style the bride still hasn’t make her choice, then try to go with the vintage style instead. Believe it or not, the old charm is as enchanting as the modern gown displayed in the store.

Chic Wedding Dress with Lace

The ideal picture of a wedding dress is the long gown with oversize skirt, so it will be dragged all the way to the aisle. For a vintage concept, it doesn’t have to appear that way. A simple lace wedding gown inspired by evening dress could be the option. Add small ribbon at the back, and flower shaped accessories in the front. Frame the lean back muscle with diamond shaped lace, and three curvy lines of beads hanging from the shoulders.

Ribbon And Lace Wedding Dress

Every wedding dress must have its own highlight, just like how vintage love ribbon and lace! The dress will be decorated with laces at the neck line, and a single strand lace with decorative ornament is used as the belt. This one piece dress then combined with tulle fabric, giving the bride elegant skirt fall. There is also medium-width ribbon, tied at the end of both shoulders. Make sure the ribbon has several layers.

Short Sleeve Vintage Wedding Dress

No matter how fancy a vintage wedding gown is, it will still show elegance. The old concept mostly embraces one piece outfit, taking up only one fabric for the whole dress. If the bride doesn’t mind wearing the lace with wide gap, then this model is just for you. The short sleeves is almost like a jacket, hanging from the neckline to the torso. A sweet ribbon belt is tied in the middle.

Provocative Mermaid Dress

The perfect balance of modern and old style is found in this dress. Prepare the bride to wear bling bling dress made from beads and lace, wrap the curves perfectly. The mermaid skirt is embedded right above the knees and below the posterior area, letting some stands of laces pour. Bare back is attractive, but to be provocative it should be covered with several layers of beaded lines, hanging from both sides.

The term “modern” would direct the brides to the newest wedding dress model available. However, some of them are looking for old touch; the vintage one. It has classic yet enchanting approach, framing the woman of the day in a warm silhouette. Walk the aisle as the loveliest bride the guests have ever seen!