Flowers are the most beautiful part of the wedding decorations. They are the perfect thing to add beauty, color, and character to your wedding ceremony and reception. Take a look at these stylish wedding flower ideas which are sure to make your event gorgeous.

A great way to create style on a limited budget is to use masses of inexpensive flowers in a modern fashion. Take hundreds of affordable carnations and shape them into round balls. The floral spheres can be suspended from the ceiling, set on top of vases, or grouped on tables to create contemporary centerpieces. The carnations come in many colors, and when grouped en masse like this, they lose their reputation as cheap filler flowers and turn into something chic and fresh. For an ethereal effect, create large clouds of airy baby’s breath. Place it in tall footed urns or in tall clear glass vases for a soft and feminine altar decoration.

A very neat thing to do with flowers is to take them out of the traditional arrangements and use them in unexpected ways. For a very cool and contemporary reception idea, sandwich fresh hydrangea, carnations, or other round blossoms under plexiglass the same size as the dinner tables for a very unique table topper. At a simple country wedding, fill longish baskets with tulips, daffodils, and other spring blossoms for a fresh from the garden look. Lay the flowers flat in large bunches in the baskets, rather than cutting and arranging them, as if you had just gathered them from your garden that morning.

Flowers also look amazing when suspended from the ceiling over tables, behind the altar, or as a backdrop for the head table at the reception. If your taste runs to formal bridal jewelry and elegant accents, thread white orchid blossoms onto a clear wire and hang from the ceiling. You could also suspend some strings of crystals between the orchids to add sparkle and drama, which is gorgeous when the bride is wearing crystal bridal jewelry. For a less formal wedding, create strands of brightly colored gerbera daisy blooms. That would be a charming way to add color and definition to an outdoor altar space.

A very easy way to add character to your wedding bouquet is to personalize them with sentimental accents. Pin your grandmother’s cameo brooch to the ribbon wrapping the flower stems. Or wrap a family pearl necklace around the bouquet handle. You could even hang a tiny locket with pictures of your parents and your fiance from your ceremony bouquet. Just be sure to remove your sentimental ornaments from your bouquet before tossing it!

When trying to add style to your wedding flowers, don’t overlook vessel fillers. A simple floral arrangement can be transformed into a breathtaking centerpiece with the addition of crystals or colored water to the vases. Other possible additions include led lights, large faux pearls, or even live fish! By paying attention to the details, you can be sure that your wedding flowers will be unique and absolutely fabulous.

Source by Guy Antonelli