Old things never get old. It will always be a loved concept, bringing back the good memory and experiences of the past. Should a wedding ceremony always be formal? For the once in a lifetime procession, one could try the simple and heartwarming concept: humble garden party. This, of course, calls for an astonishing outfit as well.

Classic Tulle Gown

This model looks like any normal wedding dress, except for the length. The bodice is made with laces, with extra cap jacket on the shoulders. What makes this design special is the ribbon in the back side. The skirt just covers three quarter of bride’s legs. Since afternoon tea involves a lot of moving and dancing, the clean cut will support the bride to dance freely with the groom and guests. Embed white ribbon at the edge to add more flair.

Classic Wedding Dress

Back in the days, it is perfectly normal to add a delicate veil on the bride hair to compliment the dress. The gown itself is not exposing too much skin, only taking sleeveless concept. One tone fabric is used for both bodice and the skirt. For the skirt, there are two layers appears at the lower skirt, not separating too far from one another. To compliment this style, the bride should wear low heels.

Polka Dot Patterned Vintage Wedding Gown

What could define vintage better than polka dot? Infusing this pattern to the wedding gown won’t make the bride look old. It will do the opposite effect: bringing out the feminine and young vibe, all at once. Sew the illusion sleeve using transparent polka dot fabric. Don’t forget to apply a layer of it on the skirt, too. A pale cream ribbon around the waist will make the dress sweeter.

Elegant Bolero Jacket

As lace is not yet gaining much popularity around 20s, the old brides loves to combine simplicity onto something elegant, for example combining a shiny white dress with a white matte bolero jacket. It is embedded to the bodice, as well as the thick belt that wrap the bride’s waist. There is no need to wear a necklace: covered button lining in the middle is doing great job as a decoration.

Embracing past tradition is not a bad thing to do. In fact, hosting a simple garden party and enjoying a cup of tea will be more meaningful for the bride and groom. Complete the moment with a perfect wedding dress for any season and body shape!