Ever since I saw the specially designed wedding ring Will Smith's character gives to his new bride in Independence Day, one with two diamond encrusted dolphins, I've always thought that it would be a great thing to give my wife something special, something that very few other people would have as a wedding ring.

What I ended up buying her was a ring with five rows of 10 diamonds each. It cost enough, but what was special about it is that there were no other rings like it. Well, they were close; there were many rings with 3 or 4 rows, but a woman has to have long fingers to be able to pull off 5 rows, which my wife has. To this day, we've never seen anyone else with a ring like hers, which means it's still a very special style.

Many brides end up with diamond rings with one large raised diamond, which is nice enough, but fairly common. These days, designers of wedding rings are putting together both traditional and non-traditional rings for their customers, giving a diversity of choice for everyone to make.

Even designers such as, of all companies, Disney, are getting into the game. Disney recently came out with six wedding ring designs based on some of the characters in their movies. The designs are named for Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Jasmine, Ariel, and Belle. There was not much attempt to match up the rings to what these brides wore in the movies, since there was not that much attention given in the movies. Still, the rings range from one that looks pretty traditional to one that has three segments on it, with the middle one having the largest diamond and the two on the side matching each other. They range in price from around $ 3,500 to $ 5,200, which is well within range of the average price of wedding rings.

Rings can be channel set as well as being open, but it takes some time and dedication to decide to buy a ring that does not conform to the norm. These days, some wedding rings have other stones in them that can make a ring stand out from the norm. Something else that's growing are people looking for rings that might be a throwback to the past, such as rings old Hollywood stars might have worn, or rings that might come from European history.

In any case, it comes down to two things. One, having an eye for something different that still maintains its elegance. Two, price. If you can afford it, you can have it, even if you have to have one put together. It does not cost as much as you might think, especially in a weakening economy. Jewelers are ready to make good deals with you; give it a shot. Your bride is worth it.

Source by Abhi Mitra