Every woman wants to be beautiful, be beautiful in many ways. And sometimes the appearance that a woman showed to people isn’t for catching everyone attention. It’s just to satisfy their feeling of having a good look. And now, we will talk about woman appearance on their special day. Yup, It’s  a wedding day. One of the most important thing for people especially a woman on their special day is the dress and the way she looks at that day. Every woman on earth wants to be the prettiest and gorgeous woman on her wedding day. There’s no exception about this matter, right?

Many Wedding Dresses Style

If we are talking about woman appearance on her wedding day, it would be interesting to talk about the wedding dress that the bride will wears. Many kinds of wedding dresses would make the bride looks gorgeous and awesome on her wedding day. Let say Ballgown, A-Line, Modified A-Line, Trumpet, Mermaid, Sheath, Tea-length, and mini dresses style that a bride would take it as her wedding dress. Every decision about the type of wedding dress that would she wear for her special day depends on her characteristic and fashion-taste.

Celebrity Wedding Dress To Inspire You

Nowadays, many celebrities expose their daily life even their special day which is wedding day. One of the most awaited by everyone about celebrity wedding day is the bride dress. It could be like that because their appearance on the wedding day (especially the wedding dress) would inspire many people to get the same or similar thing. And the most exciting fact is many celebrities using a simple wedding dress for her special day. Let say Kate Middleton who is Duchess of Cambridge. And many celebrities are using a simple concept for her wedding dress. Let’s check these out.

  • Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo who is an American socialite and also a party guest of Odile’s promotion campaign party in the 2011 Smurfs movie. She married with Johannes Huebl in 2014. And the interesting fact that she wore a simple wedding dress but she was still so stunning and gorgeous. She wore a simple cream sweater and a white short skirt filled with tulle that placed on the satin-covered waist, silk, and featured with a high slit in the front combined with floral style. Olivia simple wedding dress was impressive, simple, but cute at the same time. Love it.

  • Keira Knightley

This British actress that began her career in the entertainment industry from 1995. She married with James Righton in May 2013. Keira’s simple wedding dress impressed many people by its simplicity. It made her looks so stunning and gorgeous at the same time. This wedding dress came to her knee, accessorized with a pair of dazzling sunglasses and a simple pump. And the fact that Keira used this dress not only for her wedding dress but also some event like a red carpet event was fascinating. It means that she does really love her simple but beautiful wedding dress.

  • Yoko Ono

As we know that Yoko Ono is John Lennon’s ex-spouse, but we don’t want to talk about her private life. We just want to know about this Japanese multimedia artist, singer, and songwriter wedding dress that she used when she married with John Lennon. Yoko wore a simple mini-dress which still seen as a quite controversial choice in the late 60s. She combined her dress with white high-knee socks, a felt sun-hat, and oversized sunglasses. And the one that was so interesting is about her look with white tennis shoes for her special wedding day. That was cool.

  • Kim Tae Hee

If you are a Korean drama’s fans, you might know this beautiful lady. Kim Tae Hee is a South Korean actress that already played many shows. The most important fact about this woman is that she considered as one of Korea’s most beautiful woman. How cool, is it? And there was viral information about this lady that she married with one of the most impactful actor in South Korea that is Rain. Their wedding day wasn’t open for public even it just a private wedding ceremony.

But, again and again about the wedding dress, Kim Tae Hee’s appearance on her wedding day is fabulous because of her simple but elegant wedding dress that makes her so stunning. It made her as one of prettiest women there. She wore a mini dress left a strong impression of simplicity and elegance. It would inspire people out there to make her dress as their inspiration wedding dress. And the reason why a celebrity like Kim Tae Hee just wore a simple dress for her special day is very touching. Kim Tae Hee said that she didn’t want to wear an expensive and too-much dress because she felt that many people through a tough time and she didn’t want to make them feel like the differences. What a lovely woman!

  • Kate Middleton

The royal wedding that held in 2011 which is Prince William and Catherine Middleton wedding is the most anticipated wedding that awaited by people around the world. One of the interesting things about this royal wedding is about Kate Middleton wedding dress. This dress by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen looks simple but elegant, regal and also goes very well in Westminster decor. The dress looked perfect on her but not too much and has a simple image that makes people so happy to see that. Many people love the dress so much even many popular designers said that.  The cutting of Kate wedding dress was really beautiful and has a modern touch of a tradition that will made it so awesome. What a beautiful and elegant dress. Awesome.

Some of those simple wedding dresses might help you to inspire your future wedding dress. You don’t need to worry because of your simple wedding dress because something that is simple doesn’t mean you couldn’t give high effort but the simplicity is a choice. Hope you guys could get your dream wedding dress and Goodluck.