Every bride wants to look perfect on her wedding day. Each detail should be just right, and that includes any woman's crowning glory: her hair. You may not give a lot of thought to your hair in your everyday life, but finding just the right way to wear it for your wedding is one of those finishing touches that brings polish to your overall look. Consider it the bow on the present.

There are countless ways that you can wear your hair for your wedding: soft waves, an elaborate updo, a sleek and elegant bun or chignon, half up, straight down, bangs or no bangs, and on and on. Traditionally when a woman gets engaged, she starts growing out her hair to allow herself the maximum options for her bridal hairstyle. It is also helpful to start clipping pictures from magazines of styles that you find appealing so that your hairdresser will have something to work from at your hair trial (s).

The bride's hairstyle should suit her face, gown, wedding theme, and personal style. You will want to choose a sophisticated coiffure to avoid looking like a prom queen. Current trends favor soft natural waves cascading on the shoulders, polished waves, natural loose updos, or smooth simple twists worn either high or at the nape of the neck. Overly contrived sideswept bangs and stiff pinned up curls are best left to the under eighteen set.

The perfect wedding hairstyle is not complete until it has been adorned. There are many wonderful headpiece options that will coordinate with your bridal jewelry. For instance, if your bridal jewelry is a cz pendant, try a dainty rhinestone tiara tucked into a high updo. For hair worn down in sleek waves, a crystal and pearl barrette would provide a graceful accent. Loose natural waves can be held in place with a beautiful comb. That type of more casual hairstyle would be perfect for a beach wedding, worn with informal pearl bridal jewelry. Other popular hair accessories include feathers and crystal hairpins.

When you decide on your wedding hairstyle, be sure to do a trial run to see how it holds up over time. You also want to see if the style you liked in magazines feels like you. The idea with your bridal hairdo (as with the rest of your wedding ensemble) is to look like the best possible version of yourself, not to look like someone else entirely. Your groom did fall in love with you just as you are, after all!

Source by Bridget Mora