There is absolutely nothing wrong with second hand wedding dresses, nor is there anything shameful in wearing such a dress for your wedding. As a matter of fact, wearing a second hand wedding dress is a great way to save money for other aspects of your wedding. Plus, who says you can not look beautiful in a previously worn dress?

It does not take detective skills to locate beautiful second hand wedding dresses. In all seriousness, you can probably locate the perfect gown within about one weeks time if not sooner. All you have to do is think outside the box and look in a couple of places you probably did not think of before.

The most obvious place for a second hand wedding dress is a female family member. Talk to the women in your family and see if any of them are willing to give up their wedding gown to help you save on the budget. Be sure to throw in that old "could I have the honor" line when you ask them and you will not be turned down.

If there are no second hand wedding dresses from family, the next best thing is to check with antique shops, consignment shops, and even thrift stores. Although these places will not have a large selection of wedding dresses, it's safe to say you will at least find one or two dresses that have some potential.

If all else fails and you can not find beautiful second handing wedding dresses anywhere, then simply take the renting approach. Renting a wedding dress is very inexpensive and you'll have a lot more choices when you get right down to it. You might not get to keep the gown after it's over, but at least you'll save some money and still look fabulous.

Super Important Note: Do not be too picky when browsing through second hand wedding dresses. Even though it might not be "perfect" when you first find it, any dress can be tailored to match your size & style by a good seamstress.

Source by Sean Saunders