Wedding flowers can quickly eat away at your wedding budget. A great way to save money is to only use flowers in season at your wedding. Seasonal flowers can usually be grown locally saving you the cost of importing them in from abroad. In addition to your own monetary savings, you will also help to reduce the damage to the environment by fuel used for transporting the flowers, often by airplane, and by the powerful pesticides and preservatives often used on the blooms during storage.

The following paragraphs give ideas for seasonal flowers to use at your wedding.

Winter flowers:

Winter is a fantastic time to get married. Often you will find that a little snow, if you are lucky enough to live somewhere it falls, can make a big difference to a wedding, regardless of which flowers you choose. Popular in season winter flowers include the amaryllis, the anemone, daffodils and narcissus, sweet peas, tulips, and a variety of lilies. Do not forget, no pun intended, the season favorite forget-me-nots, and of course, Christmas holly.

Spring flowers:

Tulips, daffodils, lilacs hyacinths and white narcissus are popular spring flowers as is the peony, which is very popular for weddings. The peony is in season late spring to early summer so you may or may not find it is seasonal, depending on exactly when your spring wedding is. The anemone, boronia, delphinium, sweet pea and Casablanca and stargazer lilies are also in season at this time and all more than suitable for use at your wedding.

Summer flowers:

During summer time it would seem the possibilities for flowers are almost endless. If you are getting married in summer then you are in luck as there is such a wide range of blooms to choose from. Work closely with your florist, as they will be able to consult you on what to choose. Popular summer favorites are the lavender, freesias, chrysanthemums, forget-me-nots, gerbera daisy, hydrangea, iris, a wide range of lilies, stephanotis and sunflowers.

Fall flowers:

With the coming of fall many flowers are out of season. Those still in season include the white and pink aster, the yellow and red marigolds, the red and pink zinnia and a wide and varied color range of both the dahlia and the chrysanthemum. Why not add dried leaves to your wedding and incorporate shades of browns, reds and oranges to give your wedding the perfect fall style.

Source by Amanda Jane