If you’ve never considered purple wedding flowers for your wedding, now is the time! Purple is a wonderful color for your wedding, whether you prefer pale lavenders, brilliant violets, eggplant, plum, or dusky grays with just a hint of purple. There are all kinds of flowers available to suit any preference, and they can be used in almost any bouquet.

Here’s a look at some of the best purple flower choices around:

Purple Roses

When you talk about romantic flowers, most peoples’ thoughts go to roses. They’re among the most popular wedding flowers, and can be found in shades of purple from cool lilac to brilliant purple. These purple roses are also among the best smelling roses available. Mix and match roses to create attractive centerpieces and bouquets. These purple wedding flowers really make you feel like you’re getting the royal treatment.

Purple Lilies

Calla lilies are another popular romantic flower, and they also come in purple. Choose miniature calla lilies in a shade of purple for mixed flower arrangements, such as bouquets, centerpieces, and decorations. Lilies are a truly elegant addition to your wedding flowers.

Purple Tulips

Roses and lilies aren’t the only option, however – tulips are an excellent type of wedding flower that’s available in all different purple shades, including plum and a dark, nearly black shade that’s extremely sophisticated. Add it to mostly white wedding decor for a look that really stands out from the rest.


Ruffly and old fashioned, purple sweetpeas are the ideal addition to a vintage-styled wedding. They’re cute, and make a great bouquet on their own. For spring weddings, or any other ceremony that needs a touch of sweetness, you can’t go wrong with sweetpeas.

Grape Hyacinth

Also called muscari, these flowers look a lot like a flowing bunch of grapes, and are a great choice for adding variety and texture to mixed flower arrangements, or for making wreaths for the flower girl. Like sweetpeas, these flowers have a sweet, old fashioned charm that’s perfect for spring ceremonies.


There are several very dramatic purple orchids, such as medium purple phalaenopsis orchids, and dark vanda orchids, which feature white accents. Both do very well in centerpieces, and as part of a large, dramatic bouquet, but may not be appropriate for male members of the party or for smaller arrangements.


Pansies are among the most famous of the purple flowers, and come in a range of attractive colors. They’re a great casual wedding flower for the spring, and can be used in all sorts of arrangements.


A sprig of lilac carries a wonderful scent, and a beautiful color. Despite their name, lilacs actually cover a range of purple shades, from the light, grayish tone that takes its name from the flower, to blue-purple tones and even reddish-plum colors. You might be surprised by the range of options in lilacs as purple wedding flowers.

Source by Lana Lavender