Pricing for wedding flowers is an important consideration for couples as they approach, what is for many, the most important day of their lives. Before we go any further and analyse the importance of pricing for wedding flowers, let me explain why so much attention is focused on flowers on the day of a wedding.

Firstly, flowers set the mood and tone of a wedding day. They create an ambience and style that will be remembered, not just by the wedding couple, but also by all the participants and observers, long after the event has finished. These floral memories will be captured by the photographs that are taken and the many videos that are shot.

Secondly, flowers create a welcoming atmosphere for the guests on the day. This is done through the attractive arrangements of the bridal wedding flowers and the wide variety of colours used.

Colour can be particularly effective at setting the right mood and tone for a marriage ceremony. For example, one colour can be used for flowers at a wedding, particular if they complement a particular theme. For instance, if the bride dresses in blue then you should choose floral colours that are light or pale blue. If you do not wish to stay with the same colour, you could try complimentary colours such as red flowers with a green wedding dress. The main point here is in terms of costs, you should present your wedding florist, from the outset, with the vision of what you want done. In this way you are far more likely to keep the pricing for your wedding flowers within your budget.

Ensuring the flowers are in season is another way to keep costs on track. Cost can be kept down by using seasonal varieties of flowers. For example, if you are looking for bridal wedding flowers for a spring wedding, then you should be choosing flowers such as daffodils, delphiniums, hyacinths, lilies, sweet peas and tulips. If you choose to hold your wedding in the summer, then I would be encouraging you to choose bridal wedding flowers such as chrysanthemums, daisies, English lavender, hydrangea, irises and lilies. Winter bridal wedding flowers include amaryllis, camellias, casa blanca lilies, daffodils, forget-me-nots, holly and orchids. It is also worth noting that if you choose in season the flowers will last longer

Finally, here's another tip that will help you when buying your wedding flowers: prices increase in the run up to events such as St Valentines Day in February and Mothers Day in March. The reason for this is there is a particularly high level of demand for specific types of flowers that coincide with these dates. Thus, around these dates, florists know they can charge higher prices as demand far outstrips supply. Takes these occasions into account when pricing for wedding flowers.

Source by Anne Mahon