Wedding flowers are beautiful additions to your wedding decorations and to complement your wedding a bridesmaid dresses. There are many different types of flowers to choose from that are appropriate for weddings, and each of these have different meanings and different aromas. You can choose to have only a few stems or a big bouquets with a variety of flowers.

Pick one kind of flower to be the focal point and choose other, smaller flowers for accents. The main kind of flower can also be used in decorations for the ceremony, such as the in center pieces or decorative arrangements on accent tables during the reception. It is also a good idea to pick a type of flower that can also be used in corsages for the male members of the wedding party. Further, you can use the same kind of flowers for the flower girl's baskets. Using the same type of flower in multiple places and settings can give your wedding a unified theme, making the wedding appear to be more thoughtfully planned rather than random. The following is a list of popular flowers that are often used in weddings:

Calla lilies come in the traditional wedding colors, such as yellow, white and burgundy. These flowers are elegant and are great for making wedding bouquets. Stephanus are a popular choice in wedding bouquets. They are small, white flowers that mean happiness in marriage.

Tulips come in a variety of colors, which is great for a bride whose decorations have many colors. Different colors of tulips may have different meaning. For example, a cream colored tulip means your partner will love you forever.

Roses are used in weddings more then any other flower. They come in many colors and almost all the colors have their own meaning.

Hydrangeas are becoming more popular in wedding bouquets. The come in a bunched form, so will not require much effort to bundle them together to make a bouquet.

Lilies of the Valley give off a natural scent and creates a beautiful bouquet with just two or three stems. The bridesmaids can each carry a single stem as they walk down the aisle.

Peonies are a very pretty in full bloom. They also look great in a wedding bouquet. They do not come in many colors. They are mainly in the red, white and pink family of colors.

Because some flowers are seasonal and you are probably planning your wedding months ahead of the big day, remember to check with your florist for the availabilities of the flowers ahead of time. To be safe, you can also select alternative flowers in the event that your original selections are not available.

Bring magazine clips or pictures of the kind of bouquets you have in mind to help your florist visualize your preferences. You can also consider using other accessories besides flowers to create your centerpieces. Some popular choices are candles and fruits. When arranging your bridal bouquet or other flower arrangements, you can also dress them up with bouquet jewelry or jeweled buckles. There are many possibilities, so be sure to explore them all!

Source by Kate Mendelsen