Hearing the word “bride”, many people are automatically imagining a slim bride. While in fact, there are many plus size brides out there. Instead of joining an irrational diet program to meet the society expectation, it would be easier to learn about several design that will fit their body nicely.

V-Neck Wedding Gown

The first thing a plus size bride should avoid is wearing the full neck gown, even when it is the illusion one. It will make the shoulders looks boarder and plump. To proudly show off the curve, take V-neck design instead. This style almost never fails, since plus size women originally have nice breast shape. Moreover, this style could fit any season or wedding theme. The bride just has to be brave enough!

Halter Dress

As mentioned previously, plus size women are most likely to have broad or plump shoulders. If V-neck is too much, then try the halter style. It exposes the shoulders but covers the torso area. Sometimes, there are lines of straps on the shoulders, but it is surely not enough to cover the whole area. Wearing this dress, the bride will appear as classy lady of the day. Add an ornament in the center of stomach blade for a pretty look.

Off The Shoulder

There is a way to combine feminine and sassy concept in a dress, even for the plus size women. Try to have the off shoulder model. First option is by pulling the bodice fabric to the shoulder side, holding it in place with a thin strap. Lace could also be an option. Pulling straight from the neckline to the shoulders, lace would be a pretty additional off shoulder ornament.  The last option would be separated lace placed on the arms.

Empire Waist

Other than V-neck, empire waist is the most figure friendly for the plus size brides. It doesn’t expose the waist curve, a point that is kept hidden by the owners. This design smoothly hides the flaw without cutting the charming side of the dress. As the result, the hip seems narrower, while the bust becomes the sole crown to admire.

Big is also sexy in many ways. Just take a look at those curvy plus size women. Their size might be bigger, but it cannot hide the voluptuous curve in the body. When these women are going to walk in the aisle, one of the recommendations above will be a great outfit for them.