Engagement rings are one of the best and most popular gifts when proposing to a dream girl to whom one loves the most. It is a symbol of love, responsibility and commitment. Every girl is looking to get marry to a prince charming that can bestow all his true love and takes care for the rest of life with dedication.

Rings come in all shapes and sizes and it is very important to know the finger size. Most jewelers prefer to measure finger ring size in the evening. If one is not sure what size the ring should be the right one, one can always ask her directly or through her friends or relatives.

Diamond rings are made with all kinds of metals from gold to platinum. If one is looking for platinum engagement rings, there are many designs to choose from. Rings made in platinum metal is a preferred choice for many.

To determine the best price for any ring, one needs to familiarize with the four C's; carat, clarity, color, and cut determine the price of any diamond.

Carat refers to the weight of a diamond. More the carats, the more you pay but again bigger are not always better. For an average slender frame girl and small hands, a 1-carat stone is enough to make a statement.

Clarity – These relate to the clarity of the diamonds as evaluators base part of the price on luster and sheen. You can spend less on a very large but cloudy diamond for example, than on a small but transparent and shiny one. Diamonds are graded based on their clarity. Less flaws visible to the naked eye, the more expensive the stone becomes.

There are color grades for diamonds, from DEF (clear) to VWX (yellow tint). Many prefer the sparkle or refraction of light from a white diamond above anything else. The more color one has, the less sparkle there is.

Cut may be the most elusive as diamond is all about cuts. A good cut predisposes the amount of light that can enter into the stone, refract and emit that brilliant quality that people love in diamonds.

The buying When platinum engagement rings , one 's shouldnt always ask for a certificate of authenticity / appraisal report. It is a kind of a blueprint of the diamond. The document will outline the actual and true characteristics of the stone sans the price. The appraisal report should always be from recognized and reputed source such as the American Gem Society (AGS) or the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Source by Kheri Chawla