One of the things that you will surely want for your wedding is great hair. The right hairstyle will be the perfect complement to your wedding gown, and it will help you to feel beautiful all day. When you become engaged, there are a few things that you should do to plan for your wedding day hair.

You may wish to formulate a long term plan with your hairstylist as far as a year before your wedding. This is not to say that you should have trial runs to come up with your exact hairstyle this far in advance. It is more about thinking in general terms what options you would like to have, and what you will need to do to get there.

If your hair is short to medium length, you may want to consider letting it grow out. If there is any chance that you will want to wear your hair in an updo for your wedding, this will give you the most flexibility in choosing a style. Another thing to consider is whether you may want to grow out your bangs. With many formal hairstyles, long sideswept bangs are going to look more sophisticated and elegant than short straight ones.

Color and cut are also going to be important factors to plan for. If you have been coloring your hair yourself with hit or miss results, in the months leading up to your wedding, have it professionally colored. You want to make sure that you do not have any pre-wedding color disasters with home hair color, and this will also allow your stylist time to gradually make any color corrections that may be needed. Plan to have your color freshened up a couple of weeks before your wedding day. If you typically get highlights only on the top layers of your hair, also have them done underneath if you will be wearing your hair up.

Your haircut is another thing that you should think about well before your wedding date. Very layered haircuts may be great for everyday life, but can pose a problem for styling on the day of your wedding. You may find that all of those loose layers can be very messy when you are trying to form them into a more defined style for a formal event. To keep all of your options open to you, talk to your hairstylist about keeping layers to a minimum.

Another thing to think about when it comes to your wedding hair is how it will work with your headpiece. You have the option of choosing the headpiece based on the hairstyle that you want, or designing a hairstyle around your favorite hair jewelry. For instance, if you know that you want to wear you hair mostly loose, then a choose a piece of hair bridal jewelry such as a dainty pearl headband. On the other hand if you have fallen in love with a set of hairpins, then you will know that some sort of updo is needed to anchor them.

You wedding jewelry is something else to think about when it comes time to design your hairstyle. Most brides will want at least the sides of their hair pulled back, both to keep it out of their faces and to show off their earrings. If you also have a fabulous piece to wear on your neck, such as a lovely strand of pearl bridal jewelry, then wearing all of your hair up will showcase it to its’ best advantage.

Your wedding hairstyle will definitely help to define your final look on your wedding day. This is why most brides find it helpful to start planning for it well in advance. You will find that with a little preparation, your wedding day will be the ultimate “good hair day”!

Source by Laura Firenze